Blackboard: LTI 1.3 Tool Provider Setup


These steps need to be completed by the Blackboard Administrator

Before you begin, you MUST have the following information from Credo (please contact to obtain these): 

  • End-Point to Receive Deep Link Launches 

After registering the tool, send the Deployment ID to Credo and wait for confirmation before adding the placement(s).


Register the LTI 1.3 Tool

  1. On the Blackboard landing page select “System Admin.”
  2. Under Integrations select “LTI Tool Providers.”Zendesk_screenshot_1.png
  3. At the top of the Tool Providers list select “Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.”Zendesk_screenshot_2.png
  4. Enter the APPLICATION ID provided by Credo into the Client ID field and click Submit.Zendesk_screenshot_5.png
  5. When the tool details appear, ensure the Tool Status is set to “Approved” and copy/paste the Deployment ID into another document. You will need to send this value to Credo before the tool will work. Zendesk_screenshot_3.png
  6. If Global settings don’t already allow the following, we recommend you make these available at the tool level:instpolicies.png
  7. When complete select Submit. The tool will now appear on your Tool/Provider list.
  8. Send the Deployment ID to Credo ( so we can take the steps needed to complete the connection. Wait for confirmation before continuing to add placement(s).



Manage Placements

  1. Once the tool is installed and Credo has confirmed the connection is ready, hover next to the name of the tool and select the arrow to open the dropdown menu:add_placement_1.png
  2. Select Manage Placements. If this is the first placement created then this space will be blank:add_placement_2.png
  3. Select Create Placement and give the placement a name and handle. (Handle is a short form of the name.) Mark availability to Yes and select “Deep Linking content tool” under Type.placement_info1.png
  4. Add the End-Point to Receive Deep Link Launches URL (provided by Credo) in the Target Link URI field:placement_info2.png
  5. When complete select Submit.


You can now proceed to use the tool and create content links as outlined at: Blackboard: Adding LTI 1.3 Links.


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