December 2023 Update: InfoLit – Core Content


We know that generative AI is a hot topic across academic institutions this year, and we’re hard at work creating instructional content for students around AI and information literacy. We’ve started by updating five (5) of our existing tutorials with relevant discussion of how AI relates to those topics, and we are making those available to you and your students now if you choose to opt in. The updated tutorials are:

  • Evaluating Information
  • Why Does Visual Literacy Matter?
  • Academic Integrity
  • Choosing & Using Keywords
  • Developing a Research Focus 

Beginning the week of December 4, updated versions of these tutorials will be available for your review in a section at the bottom of your course in Studio, titled “InfoLit Core December 2023 Update - AI Content.” If you would like these materials integrated into your course now or at any point before our summer 2024 update, email us to opt in to this mid-year update. If you do so, we will hide/retire the previous versions of these tutorials. If you don’t opt in to integrate these new materials, they will be a part of our annual summer update, in which we also plan to include all new content related to AI literacy.

We also know that librarians and educators are looking for practical guidance and resources for understanding AI and how best to address its use as they plan lessons, set policies, design assignments and activities, and field questions from students and colleagues. With that in mind, we’ve created a suite of resources for educators and librarians that subscribers can access in the Teaching Tools section of our help center. There, you’ll find everything from guidelines on how to start a discussion about AI with your students to suggestions for assignment design and academic integrity frameworks and activities that incorporate AI. We’ll continue adding to this collection of resources throughout the year, as both technology and best practices evolve. 

We hope you will find value in this new material.

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