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NAMLE Offers Resources to Help Users Spot COVID-19 Misinformation

NAMLE's blog offers links to a podcast, an infographic, and more to help librarians who are teaching patrons to spot COVID-19 misinformation.

Latest of the Journal of Media Literacy Education

The latest issue of JMLE, a journal that covers media education for children and adults, includes articles on critical media approaches to violence prevention and using educational games to teach media literacy.

What do Online Students Want? A New C&RL Article Tells All

Nick Faulk, Digital Learning Librarian, and Emily Crist, Library Director, both at Champlain College, offer the results of their survey that looked at library communication with online students and faculty. 

ALA Releases Annual State of the Libraries Report

The importance of 21st-century skills, including digital literacy, are discussed in ALA's annual look at the American library landscape.

Continuing Library Marketing During a Crisis: Jacksonville State University Leads the Way

The latest issue of Marketing Libraries includes an article on planning a library marketing event during a crisis, in this case, the aftermath of a tornado. The “tailgate” held by Jacksonville State University could be adapted to online presentation.

Project Information Literacy Releases "Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms"

This report promises much for those teaching the "Information Creation as a Process" and "Information has Value" parts of the ACRL Framework, as well as anyone who enjoyed Safiya Noble's Algorithms of Oppression.

The fight against disinformation, sham accounts, and trolls won’t be any easier in 2020

Politico looks ahead to the new year’s possible disinformation landscape. The article includes a link to a recent report, Disinformation and the 2020 Election: How the Social Media Industry Should Prepare, by Paul M. Barrett of NYU’s Center for Business and Human Rights.

Cutting Through the You-Know-What

This provocatively named course from the University of Washington offers a syllabus, videos of lectures, and more for those of you creating disinformation-busting classes.

Making Lemonade when Library Research Gives You Lemons

The latest issue of Marketing Libraries Journal includes "Leveraging Failure to Inform Practice: How do Students Learn about Library Events and Services?", an article by librarians at the University of Idaho who faced a dismal response rate to a survey but learned from it anyway.

APA 7th Edition

The latest version of APA style has been released, and guidance is available at the American Psychological Association website. 


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