Multiple Attempts on Quizzes


Prior to September 2019, if you wanted a student to take a quiz multiple times, and they were accessing quizzes through an LTI integration with your LMS - you would have to contact support to manually reset the student's first attempt (score). Then the student would be able to take the quiz again. 

That process has now been automated - our system will allow a student who is accessing quizzes (through a Learning Management System via LTI integration) to take the same quiz multiple times without having their grade manually reset.

Note - this only applies for situations when a student is accessing a quiz through 2 or more different courses in your LMS. If the student is accessing the same quiz in the same course - you will still have to contact to manually reset the original attempt. 


How it works: 

Our system can detect which course in your LMS a student is coming from. If the student takes a quiz in Course A (first attempt), then later takes the same quiz in Course B (second attempt), our system will reset the first attempt, allowing them to take the quiz a second or subsequent time. 


Where to see scores on multiple attempts:

  • The first attempt will still appear in Course A's LMS gradebook, and the second attempt will appear in Course B’s LMS gradebook. 
  • In the downloadable grade report (available at the Data Download tab in your InfoLit dashboard), only the most current attempt will be available. 
  • In the Insights platform, you can see all attempts:
    • If you filter to Course A,  you will see the student’s score (first attempt) for that course.
    • If you filter to Course B, you will see the student’s score (second attempt) for that course. 
    • If you search for the individual student, without limiting to a specific course, you will see all attempts for the quiz in all the courses. 


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