Spring 2019: Engagement Report Improvements


To improve the quality of the usage data available from Insights, we have revamped our Engagement report. In response to confusion about how to read the Engagement report, we’ve replaced the statistic “Number of Usages” with “Number of Sessions” for greater clarity.

In the previous version of the report, the main statistic was "Number of Usages." Usages at the account level represented total page views across your account, while Usages at the content subsection level represented views of that particular video/tutorial/assessment.

In spring 2019, we replaced "Number of Usages" with the more specific "Number of Sessions." A session begins when a user connects with the Learning Tools platform, either via direct link/embed code or via launching an LTI link. The session ends when the student logs out, for example by closing out their browser, clearing their cookies, or timing out.

When you view "Number of Sessions" at the account level, the report shows the overall number of times that your account has been accessed. When you view "Number of Sessions" at the content subsection level, the report shows a count for each content item, showing the number of sessions in which that item has been viewed.

Note: since the current "Number of Usages" option is being replaced by more specific statistics, the usage numbers you see now in your Engagement report will change after the update. The goal of this is to give a more clear and accurate view into your account usage.

If you have any questions please let our support team know at support@credoreference.com.

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