How can librarians use Credo Insights to support their information literacy strategy?


Credo's Learning Tools products provide libraries with the extra multimedia and assessments in InfoLit  Core (formerly Instruct) to expand an information literacy program; it’s the combination with Credo Insights that makes a powerful tool to advance your information literacy strategy. The data in Credo Insights closes the loop of instructional improvement - allowing you to adjust your strategy based on evidence, and also tell a story about the value of information literacy at your institution.

Data is most powerful when it is used to tell a larger story beyond just the numbers. Evidence from student performance can support your strategic goals around information literacy, whether that is expanding from one-shots to an embedded program, establishing a credit bearing IL course, or integrating into the curriculum in general education or the disciplines. It can also help to encourage faculty engagement by seeing results from early adopters. 

Student data from Credo's Learning Tools products can help show faculty and administration that information literacy instruction can have a positive impact on students’ success in a class, or a program, which in turn can affect overall student success, persistence and retention. Credo Insights supports the larger narrative about the value of your library’s work and its place in the institution.

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