FAQ: You've Been Logged Out of EdX


Problem: If you are accessing your content through your Learning Management System, you may encounter an error message that pops up that says "You've Been Logged Out of EdX." This is especially noticeable in Apple products on the most recent Safari browser.

How to Troubleshoot:

Option 1: You might see a notice that the tool needs to be launched in a new window, and a button that gives you the option. Click the button to view the content in a new browser window, then close it when complete to return to your school course.

Option 2: It is possible that you have opened the link in two different browsers or browser windows. In that case, close everything out, then try the link again.

Option 3: Your browser or internet firewall may not be set to remember your session cookie long enough to complete or start your exam. In that case, please do the following:

  • Check your browser third-party cookie settings
  • Whitelist frame.credocourseware.com
  • Try a different browser entirely
  • Connect via a different internet connection
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