Credo Insights: Grade Reports


SKILL admins can use the Credo Insights dashboard to find usage data and, if applicable to their accounts, assessment data. If your SKILL subscription includes assessments (tests and quizzes), you can use Credo Insights to generate grade reports that are more robust and easier to read than the existing grade reports. 

The link to Insights has been placed on your admin dashboard as of October 22, 2018.


*Note: Assessment reports are only relevant if you have subscribed to assessment content in your SKILL subscription. If your subscription does not include assessments, you don't have access to grade reports, but you can use Insights to generate usage reports!


Assessment reports show the percent accuracy (score) on any quiz and/or Pre/Post test for all students who have attempted an assessment. Assessment reports can be viewed as bar charts and tables, and also downloaded as images or CSV files (option to download will appear below the bar chart).


Tips for Generating Assessment Reports:

 See the tips below for how to generate the most commonly requested reports:


View by Assessment, Question, and Answer Choice

Assessment reports default to View by Assessment, showing the total average score of each assessment within the the last month.

Click in the date fields to change the date range as required.

Click on the “View by” dropdown option on the left side to change the data displayed to view scores for each question or percentages of answer choices selected for each question, or score distribution (questions and answers).  Note these views are more meaningful when filtering your data to a single Assessment or Learner.  



Compare by Options

You can compare assessment results by any other filter included in the assessment report: Course, Run, Learners, or any custom filter that has been added to your Quiz Form.

Click on the “Compare by” dropdown menu on the left side to change from the default “...” to your desired filter. Some common comparisons include:

  • Compare by Course - allows you to see how different classes performed on assessments
  • Compare by Learner - allows you to compare individual student performance
    • Pro Tip: you may need to select a specific course from the Course filter first, to avoid there being too much data to visualize - see section below



Options for Narrowing Data

You can narrow your data selections by clicking on the dropdown under each filter on the left side of the screen and checking boxes for specific options underneath the Courses, Assessments, Learners and Run filters. This is helpful especially if you receive a message stating that “there is too much data to visualize” - because the combinations of filters and View by/Compare by options is preventing your chart from displaying.

Simply check the box for data you wish to select under each filter. Once a box is checked, only that data will display in the bar chart.

Some examples where this might be useful include:

  • View by Assessment, Compare by Learners, with Instructor Filter narrowed to a specific class - to show how students in one course performed on assessments




Visit our FAQ section to see other common questions about Credo Insights, or our full Documentation.


What filters can you expect to see in an assessment report?

Course or Instructor filters:

  • If you have configured the Quiz Form to collect course information or the instructor’s name, it will be available in the Courses filter.
  • SKILL course: Credo’s platform will capture any student data not associated with a course from the Quiz Form in this course under the Courses filter. If you choose not to use courses in the Quiz Form, all student assessment data will appear under the SKILL course.

Learner filters:

  • Students who access via direct link, proxy/IP, or referring URL authentication (for example, via a proxy-authenticated link used on a LibGuide) will be identified by their name and email if they provide it on the Quiz Form.
  • Note: The anonymous student IDs created by Credo’s system for IP or proxy access are suppressed from Credo Insights filters. The data is still included in averages, but the randomized names and emails will not be available as filter options.

Visit our FAQ section to see other common questions about Credo Insights, or our full Documentation.





Please note that some SKILL accounts have assessments (tests and quizzes) in their subscription, but others do not. If you are not sure what is included in your subscription, please contact and we're happy to assist.

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