What links should I give to students so that they can access the content?


On your admin dashboard, you'll see that we provide lists of links for each piece of content. All Credo learning products include deep links (also called direct links) and embed codes. Information Literacy (formerly known as Instruct) also has LTI links available.

Deep links and embed codes will authenticate via your preferred access method, be that IP, proxy, or referring URL; deep links can be used like any other hyperlink, and embed codes simply embed that deep link URL into a frame, so it can be displayed directly on a page, for example, on a LibGuide.

LTI links are meant to be used with an LTI integration, and shouldn't be used like a normal hyperlink -- if you copy-paste one into your address bar, you'll get an error message. 

If you're looking for a quick way to link students or instructors/faculty members to the content, for example on a library resources list or as a way for instructors to preview the content, you can use the "Whole Course Link" provided on the Deep Links tab. This will send users straight to the outline of all the material available in your account and allow them to click into any video, quiz, or tutorial. 

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