How do I get the content into my LMS? What does it look like?


You can hyperlink to Credo content from any course on your LMS using the Deep Links provided on your admin dashboard. The steps for adding web links are slightly different depending on your particular LMS.

For Information Literacy (formerly Instruct), we also support LTI integration, which allows your students to authenticate seamlessly into the Instruct content and have their test/quiz grades synced to the LMS gradebook. 

For more information about linking to Credo from your LMS, see our LMS Integration Options page.

When adding Deep Links or LTI Links to an LMS course, you can choose to have the material open in a new tab or display embedded on the LMS course page. Here is an example from Canvas; the appearance may be slightly different in your LMS depending on what system/version number you use.


A Canvas page with a link that says 'Load Why InfoLit Matters Tutorial in a new window'


A Canvas page displaying Credo's Why InfoLit Matters tutorial embedded within the page

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