Can I embed Credo content in LibGuides?


Credo's instructional content can be integrated into LibGuides via links and embed codes. We provide a list of iframe embed codes that can be used to display content within a frame on a LibGuides page, or you can use the deep links so that students can open content in a new window/tab. Typically, institutions will use proxy/IP authentication on links used in LibGuides.

If you plan to use embed codes with your remote sign-on server as the authentication method, please be aware that some servers, particularly Microsoft ADFS, do not allow the institution's sign-on screen to display within iframe embed codes. If your remote sign-on server does not allow this kind of integration, there are several alternative options that you can use, so please do not hesitate to ask our support team ( if you need help with the integration. Detailed information and alternatives to having students sign in from within an embed code can be found on this page: X-Frame-Options Set to Deny. This is also noted in our Technical Requirements.

For more information on LibGuides integration, see these related articles:

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