How can students re-take tests and quizzes?


If your students access the tests/quizzes via a deep link or embed code (proxy, IP, or referring URL authentication), they are logged into a new anonymous session each time they log back into InfoLit (formerly Instruct). Since they do not return to a saved user account each time they access the quizzes, they can take the same test/quiz multiple times (for example, if it's been assigned in more than one course, or if the instructor has allowed a re-take). If a student has taken a quiz multiple times, all of their scores will appear in the grade report, so instructors can choose to count whichever score is appropriate.

If your students access the tests/quizzes via LTI, their score is linked to their student email address in our system and their grade is passed back to the course gradebook in your LMS.

If the student takes a quiz in Course A (first attempt), then later takes the same quiz in Course B (second attempt), our system will reset the first attempt, allowing them to take the quiz a second or subsequent time. 

  • The first attempt will still appear in Course A's LMS gradebook, and the second attempt , will appear in Course B’s LMS gradebook. 
  • In the downloadable grade report (available at the Data Download tab in your Instruct dashboard), only the most current attempt will be available. 
  • In the Insights platform, you can see all attempts:
    • If you filter to Course A,  you will see the student’s score (first attempt) for that course. If you filter to Course B, you will see the student’s score (second attempt) for that course. 
    • If you search for the individual student, without limiting to a specific course, you will see both attempts for the quiz, with different timestamps. 

If the student needs to re-take the assessment in the same course, their previous answers must be cleared from Credo's system to allow them to submit new answers. Credo's support team can reset student progress entirely (all assessments) or for individual assessments as needed. Just contact us at and let us know the student email address(es) and the assessment(s) that need to be reset. 


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