Partial credit questions in the Assessment Report


While most assessment questions in InfoLit have a single correct answer, there are a few types that do allow students to choose "all correct" answers from a series of answer choices. A student may get all, some, or none of the correct answers.

Matching questions that utilize the "drag and drop" user experience and "check all that apply" questions utilize this functionality, because students may make all, some, or none of the correct matches. 

When viewing these questions in Insights Assessment reports, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

At the question level, you will notice that this question looks like any other - you will see a bar representing the percentage of students who got the answer correct, but keep in mind this may include partial credit.




At the Answer level, you will notice that there are many possible combinations, based on the different choices or matches that students made. The correct answer is marked with an asterisk (*). The answer choices marked with a carat (^) are partially correct. And you may see answer choices with no marker - these are incorrect.


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