InfoLit – Health Science - Product Release


On November 1st, 2019, we are happy to announce the release InfoLit Health Science, a product designed to help librarians and instructors educate students about information literacy concepts that are unique to the Health Sciences. 

A full list of content can be found in our InfoLit Products Content List (see the Health Science tab).


Notes for Early Adopter Customers: 

New Content:

Beginning the week of November 1st, you will receive the additional tutorials and quizzes to complete the Health Science product. To see what is coming, please see the list below. New materials will be added to your course and published so that you may begin using them, with the exception of updated quizzes (see note on Assessment Libraries below). 

Please note - the organization of some of your early adopter materials may have changed - i.e a tutorial now appears in a different section than it did before. 

List of New Multimedia: 

  • Interpreting and Evaluating Evidence
    • Bias in Research
  • Evidence Based Practice
    • Appraising Evidence: Diagnostic Studies
    • Appraising Evidence: Treatment Studies
    • Applying Research to a Patient Population
  • Understanding and Using Research Sources
    • Peer Review in the Health Sciences
    • Research Retrieval and Organization
  • Research Needs and Search Strategies
    • Health Literacy
  • Health Science Resources
    • Complementary and Alternative Health Information
    • Nutrition Resources
    • Consumer Health Information
    • Point of Care Resources Part 1: Intro to Using Point of Care Resources
    • Point of Care Resources Part 2: DynaMed, UpToDate, and Nursing Reference Center
    • Health Statistics Part 1: Intro to Using Health Science Data and Statistics
    • Health Statistics Part 2: Resources for Health Statistics
    • Locating Drug Information Part 1: Consumer Resources
    • Locating Drug Information Part 2: Clinical Resources
  • Glossary
  • Updated Quiz questions for each section



Assessment Libraries: 

Along with the additional content, we are introducing some improvements to the Assessment Libraries that power the Quizzes in InfoLit Health Science. These improvements will give you more power to edit questions, add new questions, and hide questions that you don’t wish to use. 

To do this, we have created a custom library for your institution for each quiz, which you can access by going to, and clicking on the tab for “Libraries”. 

What about the Quizzes I am currently using? 

The New Quiz Assessment Libraries will replace the current Quizzes that you are using. Do not worry - Credo’s team will handle the migration for you!

Timeline and Process:

  • Today - if you visit and click on the Libraries Tab - you will see the new Libraries that you will use in the future. These are currently empty, until we begin the content rollout process on November 1st. 
  • On November 1st, we will create new Quizzes directly below the quizzes you are currently using. These new Quizzes will sync with your new Libraries. The new Quizzes will remain hidden from learners until the end of the semester - at which point we will swap them with the quizzes you are currently using (early adopter version). 
  • The week of December 9th, we will swap the early adopter version of your Quizzes with the new Quizzes. 
    • We will mark your early adopter version Quizzes as “retired” - and hide it from learners. We will also move it below the newly created Quizzes that sync to your Library. 
    • Note - We use “hide from learners” rather than deleting the Quizzes so that you do not lose any historical student data. The data from the retired Quizzes will still appear in Credo Insights, but they will no longer be visible to students in the course outline. 
    • Note - the link to your Quizzes will not change. You do not need to update links in your LMS or on your LibGuides. 
  • If you have made customizations to questions in your Quizzes that you want to continue to use, please contact and note which questions you want to migrate. A member of our team will move them into your new Quiz library, where you can continue to use them.
  • Lastly, we will remove the “Edit” button from your Quizzes. 
    • Previously - you may have customized your Quizzes by navigating to it through your course outline - clicking View, then editing questions (see below for screenshots). 
    • Moving forward, you will need to go to and click on the Quizzes from the Libraries Tab to make customizations. For more information about accessing and using your new Quiz Libraries - see our Assessment Libraries Documentation








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