September 2019: Critical Thinking content package for all InfoLit – Core subscribers


We are happy to inform you that Credo’s Critical Thinking Content Package will now be included within InfoLit – Core (formerly Instruct) at no extra cost to your subscription. This means that all subscribers to InfoLit – Core will now have access to both the Information Literacy AND the Critical Thinking Content Packages at no additional cost.

Why are we doing this?

  • We've heard from a number of our customers that budget constraints prevented the additional licensing of Critical Thinking content.  
  • Credo strongly believes that foundational skill instruction is key to student success and retention efforts and as such, we want to provide the content you need to accomplish your instructional goals.
  • We also want to be a mindful vendor and, recognizing budget challenges, we are happy to provide more content at no additional cost to our customers.

How does this impact you?

  • As an existing InfoLit – Core customer, you will have an opportunity to preview the content and opt out as part of the regular Winter 2020 content update. See the list of content below.

If you have already subscribed to the Critical Thinking Content Package, a member of our team should have reached out to advise you on your options regarding credits. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Culture and Citizenship

  • Video: Introduction to Cultural Issues
  • Video: Global Citizenship
  • Video: Introduction to Civic Engagement
  • Video: Introduction to Civic Action
  • Quiz: Culture and Citizenship

Visual and Quantitative Literacy

  • Video: Searching for Images
  • Video: Interpreting Images
  • Video: Why does Visual Literacy Matter?
  • Quiz: Visual Literacy
  • Video: Using Quantitative Data
  • Video: Evaluating Statistics
  • Quiz: Quantitative Reasoning

Using Critical Thinking and Logic

  • Video: Inquiry
  • Video: Evidence Based Reasoning

Materials to be added to Getting Started with Research

  • Video: Creating a Research Plan
  • Video: Framing a Problem
  • Quiz: Research Strategies

Materials to be added to Presenting Research and Data

  • Video: Academic Writing
  • Video: Understanding the Communication Need
  • Video: Preparing for a Presentation
  • Quiz: Writing and Communication
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