Instructor Access to Insights via LTI


If you have integrated Credo InfoLit (formerly Instruct) content into your Learning Management System (via an LTI integration) - you have the option to grant instructors access to Insights to view student reports. 

Administrators for Credo's InfoLit products can authenticate to Insights through the Learning Tools Platform - Instructor Tab - Insights Tab. Instructors can now access Insights through their online course in your Learning Management System.

There are 2 steps to this process:

  1. Set up Insights platform as a LTI tool provider. 
  2. Paste the link to Insights in the online course (where the instructor can access - not student facing). 

This establishes the link between your LMS and Credo Insights. Our system will recognize your instructors by their assigned role in your LMS, and grant them access to Insights. 

When they arrive in Insights - they will be automatically filtered to view only the data for the course they came from in your LMS. This protects the privacy of students and instructors in other classes. 


For detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures - please download the document for your LMS system below. If your LMS is not in this list - reach out to and we will assist you. 


How to Launch Insights via LTI - Blackboard

How to Launch Insights via LTI - Canvas

How to Launch Insights via LTI - D2L

How to Launch Insights via LTI - Moodle




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