May 2019: Instruct Summer 2019 Content Update


The Summer 2019 content update for the Instruct: Information Literacy content package is coming soon.

Content will be available for preview in your course the week of May 28th. The opt-out period will run until the week of June 24th. Once the opt-out date has passed, the new content will be published and made live to users in your account. The new links and embed codes will be available in the Link Constructor.

This content update is free and included in the price of your subscription. Customers who have purchased (rather than subscribed to) Instruct may not be eligible; if you have questions, please contact us at

If you wish to opt out of any of the new content, please let us know by Monday, June 24th by contacting Credo support.

New Multimedia

The content update will include the following new tutorials:

Tutorial: Research for Persuasive Writing
Tutorial: News v. Opinion Journalism - companion and update to the Fake News materials
Tutorial: Lateral Reading
Tutorial: Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources - meant to replace Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source
Tutorial: Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting
Tutorial: Digital Privacy

Note - our new tutorials are designed with a slightly different format: a tutorial is still 10-15 slides long, but embedded within those slides are multiple checkpoint questions, and we now include a brief video. 


Retired Multimedia

Credo has decided to retire some of our older content that is less consistent with our current style and standards. Customers who subscribe after May 27th, 2019 will not have this content; however we will not remove it from existing customers’ accounts.

Some of our new content overlaps with or is intended to replace existing content. We recommend you review the list of items below and decide whether you want to use the new content or not. You are not required to retire content if you plan to continue using it.

Materials to be retired:

Video: Why Citations Matter
Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source

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