January 2019: Grade display and emailing improvements


In response to customer feedback, Credo has developed a new feature which allows students to immediately view their score on a test or quiz, and email it to themselves or instructor.

The goals of this new feature include:

  • allowing students to see their overall score on an assessment instantly
  • providing a mechanism for students to send their grades to themselves for their own records
  • providing a mechanism for students to send grades directly to their instructors, so that librarians do not have to download grade reports from Credo and forward them to instructors

A few things to note:

  • student scores are still be logged in Credo's records and available to admins in the grade reports and Insights Assessment reports
  • students are not being required to use this feature in order to complete the quizzes, and the feature can be turned off on your account if you wish
  • grade syncing to LMS gradebooks via LTI integration continue to work as usual. Students have the additional option to email their score to themselves if they choose.

We released this feature to all Instruct customer accounts on January 22, 2019. If you would like to opt out, please notify Credo support (support@credoreference.com) and we will deactivate this feature for your account (you can opt back in later if you wish).

Information about how the feature works, with screenshots, can be found here.

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