Credo InfoLit Admin Dashboard


Account admins are provided with credentials that can be used to log in to the Admin dashboard for their account. On this dashboard, admins can view the InfoLit (formerly Instruct) content outline and access the lists of user-facing links that can be used to deliver the content to students and instructors/faculty. Admins also have permissions to access Studio, the editing interface for the InfoLit content, and can download assessment data from the Instructor tab. 

After logging in at, admins will be able to enter their course(s) and see the following tabs:

Home - the initial landing page seen when logging in to the admin dashboard

Start Here/Course - the outline of all of the content available in the account; click in to any video/tutorial/assessment to view the content

How to Use - includes information about access/authentication, some suggestions for ways to use InfoLit with students, and links to documentation such as our accessibility and privacy statements

Instructor - this tab provides access to the following additional functions:

  • Credo Insights - released in May 2018, this new dashboard can be used to view usage and assessment data. The Credo Insights link on your Instructor tab will open the Insights interface in a new window. For instructions on how to use Insights, see here.
  • Link Constructor  - use the Link Constructor to obtain user-facing links that can be used to integrate the content in LibGuides, LMS, or other library websites. For a description of each type of link and how they function, see here: Deep Links, Embed Codes, and LTI Links
  • Data Download - from this page, you can export a CSV file of all student grades using the "Generate Grade Report" button. For information about downloading and reading grade reports from this page, see Grade Reports.
  • View Course in Studio - this button will lead to the Studio editing interface, where you can customize InfoLit content.


If you have lost or forgotten your admin credentials for InfoLit, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you.

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