Downloading Grade Reports


On the Data Download tab, you can select which grade report you would like to download as a CSV report.

  • Generate Grade Report will give you the total scores of each student on each quiz
  • Generate Problem Grade Report will show you what the student scored on each question within each quiz
  • Generate ORA Report will show you what students answered on any open-response questions -- this option is only relevant to certain other Credo Education products, so InfoLit customers can disregard this option.

Step 1: Under the Data Download tab (in the Instructor Dashboard), select one of the three CSV grade report options.


Step 2: Once you have clicked on the button to generate the report you want, you will see it in your pending report queue. The time it spends in your pending report queue depends on how large your course is and how many student grades it needs to compile. It will disappear from the pending queue once it is complete.


Step 3: When the report is ready for download, it will show up in the Reports Available for Download section as a link. Right-click on the link to download it.


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