Credo View Admin Dashboard


Account admins are provided with a URL and credentials that can be used to log in to the Admin dashboard for their account.

Admins will see the following tabs:

Home - the initial landing page seen when logging in to the admin dashboard.

Start Here/Course - the outline of all of the content available in the account; click on any video title to view the content. 

Instructor - this tab provides access to the following additional functions:

  • Credo Insights - provides access to Credo Insights, our reporting dashboard. Insights can be used to access usage data for your account.  For instructions on how to use Insights, see here.
  • Link Constructor - use the Link Constructor to obtain user-facing links that can be used to integrate the content in LibGuides, LMS, or other library websites. 
    • Direct Links: Direct links are permalinks to each of your View videos. At the top of the list there is a whole course link, which provides users with access to the list of all videos available in your account.
    • Embed Codes: The Embed Codes option lists an iframe embed code for each video. These are the same URLs as used by the direct links, but formatted into an embed code for you. You can add these to a LibGuide as a Media/Widget item or within the HTML of a content page on an LMS or other website.


If you have lost or forgotten your admin credentials, please contact and we'll be happy to assist you.


This information is specific to the Credo View product. If your institution uses InfoLit (formerly known as Instruct), please see InfoLit Admin Dashboard instead.

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