What questions will Credo Insights help me answer?


 *Note - Assessment data is only available with specific products: InfoLit (formerly Instruct) and legacy SKILL Modules (if subscribed to assessments). 


Credo Insights provides data on student usage and assessment performance related to your Credo Learning Tools products, in an easy to read graphical interface. Our business analytics engine with dynamically generated reports gives librarians flexibility to combine any number of filters to create the exact report you need.

Data from student assessments can help you adjust your teaching strategy, focusing on learning outcomes where students perform poorly across your institution, or on courses that do not perform as well as others. Unlocking these trends helps you develop targeted remediation strategies, that can have more impact than broad-based approaches. Usage data can also help you build a strategy for expanding instruction into courses that lack an information literacy component.

Correlations between high usage and high scores on assessment data help you tell the success story of how increased library instruction in courses impacts student success.  


Some of the questions that you’ll be able to answer using Credo Insights include:

  • How do different courses perform on the Pre-Test (or other assessment)?
  • How does performance on the Pre Test (or other assessment) change between Fall and Spring Semester in my FYE Course (or other courses)?
  • On which questions in the Evaluating Information Quiz do students perform best or most poorly?
  • If a student answers a question incorrectly, which distractors did they choose?
  • How does usage of the Modules change from Fall to Spring semester?
  • Which courses utilize the Modules most or least?
  • Which multimedia (videos or tutorials) are most watched by students?

See this page for more information about How to use Credo Insights.

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