May 2018 - Credo Insights


On May 25, 2018, we released a new reporting interface, Credo Insights, which provides a much more robust view of your assessment and usage data than was previously available.

With Credo Insights, you can generate assessment reports, drilling down to specific quizzes, questions, and answer choices. You are also able to generate usage reports for the number of students using the platform as well as the frequency of their usage. All reports can be filtered and compared by term (semester, quarter, etc.) and by course.

Credo Insights is included in the price of your existing subscription and your current CSV reports are still be available in the Modules platform.

The link to Credo Insights should now appear under the Instructor tab of your Modules admin dashboard. For detailed information about how to use the Insights interface, visit our FAQ Page and Credo Insights Documentation

We are also offering several training sessions throughout the summer of 2018. Please feel free to register for whichever training webinar best fits your schedule. 

Credo Insights Training

Registration for these training sessions has closed.

  • Wednesday 6/27: 12 - 1 pm EDT
  • Tuesday 7/10: 1 - 2 pm EDT
  • Tuesday 7/17: 1 - 2 pm EDT
  • Thursday 8/2: 12 - 1 pm EDT
  • Thursday 8/9: 1 - 2 pm EDT
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