Moodle: Adding an LTI Link to a Course


Please note: The information provided here is intended only to assist with some of the common ways our product can be integrated in this system. Our Help Site is not a comprehensive guide to use of the Moodle LMS, and our team can only assist with Credo integration; we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of Moodle's functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes but may not exactly match your own system, particularly since navigation elements can vary depending on your version of the platform.

Documented Version: Moodle 3.4.2

Moodle's Help Documentation regarding LTI can be found here.


Note: Before adding links to a course, first add Credo as an External Tool plugin as described in this article: Moodle: LTI Global Tool Set Up

Step 1:

Sign in to Moodle and navigate to the course you want to edit. On the course page, click the gear icon and click Turn editing on so that you can edit the course.

Step 2:

In the section where you want to add a link, click Add activity or resource, and then select External tool in the pop-up box that appears.

Step 3:

Each Credo content item has its own LTI link, listed on your InfoLit (formerly Instruct) admin dashboard. Select one that you want to integrate and copy it, then configure the link in Moodle as follows:

Activity Name: the name of the video, tutorial, or quiz, or something similar

Preconfigured Tool: Automatic, based on tool URL

Tool URL: The LTI link copied from the InfoLit admin dashboard

Note that using the "Automatic, based on tool URL" setting will prompt Moodle to match the domain of the LTI link with the tool configuration set up in the LTI Global Tool Set Up step.

Privacy: These settings are inherited from the global tool set up.

Grade: For a graded item (test or quiz), you will need to set a maximum grade value. If your system uses a default value of 0, students will only see a 0 in the Moodle Grade Book, no matter what they score. 

On Credo's platform, each quiz is worth 5 points, and each test is worth 20 points. If you select a different maximum grade, the student's score should scale accordingly.

You may also wish to set a minimum passing grade.


Step 4:

Click save and display. The new LTI activity should display either embedded in the page or as a link to open in a new window, depending on the default configured in the Global Tool Setup step.

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