Blackboard: Adding an LTI 1.1 Link to a Course


Please note: The information provided here is intended only to assist with some of the common ways our product can be integrated in this system. Our Help Site is not a comprehensive guide to use of the Blackboard LMS, and our team can only assist with Credo integration; we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of Blackboard's functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes but may not exactly match your own system, particularly since navigation elements can vary depending on your version of the platform.

Blackboard's documentation on LTI setup can be found here.


Note: Before adding LTI links to a course, make sure that Credo has been added to your institution's Blackboard system as an LTI Tool Provider, as described here: Blackboard Global LTI Tool Set Up.

Step 1 : In your course, select Content from the left-hand course navigation.


Step 2: Click on Build Content, then select Web Link.


Step 3: Fill in the following settings, then click Submit:

  • Name: Enter a name for your item
  • URL: Add the LTI link for the Credo content item you wish to use. LTI links are provided on your InfoLit (formerly Instruct) admin dashboard.
  • This link is to a Tool Provider: Make sure to check this setting. This is what prompts Blackboard to treat the URL as an LTI Launch Link.
  • Enable Evaluation: For graded content (tests and quizzes), check Yes. For ungraded content (videos and tutorials), check No. A Grade Center column will be created for any links that have evaluation enabled.
  • Points Possible: Enter a point value for graded content. Make sure to use a non-zero value.
  • Visible to Students: Yes
  • You may also set an optional due date. 

Step 4: Your link should look like this:

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