Credo Insights: Usage Reports


SKILL admins can use the Credo Insights dashboard to find usage data and, if applicable to their accounts, assessment data.

The Engagement report is a usage report available for all Learning Tools customers. The primary usage statistic available is "number of sessions", and you can use the Engagement report to track sessions across several levels of granularity.

A session begins when a user connects with the Learning Tools platform. The session ends when the student logs out, for example by closing out their browser, clearing their cookies, or timing out.

To select a level of granularity, use the "Engagement by" drop-down menu on the Engagement support and choose one of these four options:

Engagement by Run: the number of sessions across your account -- the overall number of times the account has been accessed

Engagement by Course: the number of sessions across your account, broken down by course.

This field is populated when students provide their course name on the Quiz form. Any session for which a course name is not available (because the user did not fill out the Quiz form) will be attributed to a default bucket, usually called something like SKILL-MOD.

Engagement by Content Section: the number of sessions in which any item in each content section has been viewed, for example all sessions in which a user interacted with any material in the Citations & Academic Integrity section of the content.

Engagement by Content Subsection: the number of sessions in which each video, tutorial, and test/quiz in your account has been viewed.

After selecting an "Engagement by" option, you can also use "Compare by" to add a dimension of comparison to your report. You can also use the filter options in the left sidebar to narrow down your data to a specific content item, course, etc.

Note about unique users
Students are counted as a unique user every time they begin a new session. To view reports on unique users rather than sessions, select this option from the "View by" drop down menu. When using one of the two "View by" options, the option not selected will still appear as a column in the output table beneath the bar graph.


How can you generate Engagement Reports?

Engagement reports default to View by Run, showing the total Number of Sessions within the the last  month.

Click in the date fields to change the date range as required.



Reporting on Usage by Content Item

Viewing engagement by content item gives you insight into which multimedia items are being used most frequently by your institution. To generate this report, try this filter configuration:

Engagement by: Content Subsection
Compare by: ...
View by: Number of Sessions



This will give you a breakdown of usage of all of the multimedia in your account. To narrow your search, you can use the Content filter to select specific items to compare.

You can also use the "Compare by" drop-down menu to add another dimension to your report. 


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