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Credo InfoLit - Health Science: Infographics

The 5S Model of Evidence

Appraising and Applying Evidence

Boolean Operators

The Cycle of 5 As

Evidence-based Practice Components

Evidence-based Practice Helps Health Science Students...

The Hierarchy of Evidence

Building a PICOT(T) Question

Peer Review

Anatomy of a Scholarly Articlep

Supporting Patient Health Literacy


Applying an Article Type Filter

Gray Literature

Using Search Field Tags


Credo Information Literacy – Core Content Package: Infographics

Academic Integrity

Academic Writing

Anatomy of a Research Paper

APA Citations

Bias and Assumption

Chicago Style Citations: Books

Chicago Style Citations: Websites

Choosing a Database


Creating a Research Plan

Data, Information, and Knowledge

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Statistics

Evidence-based Reasoning

Exploration Strategies

Framing a Problem

Getting Started with Wikipedia and Google

Global Citizenship

Harvard Style Citations

How to Read Scholarly Material

Identify and Debunk Fake News

Identifying Misinformation

Identifying Search Strategies

The Importance of Logical Reasoning

In-depth Research: Outlining and Writing


Interpreting Images

Introduction to Analysis

Introduction to Bias

Introduction to Civic Action

Introduction to Civic Engagement


Introduction to Cultural Issues

Life in the Information Age

MLA Style (7th ed.) Citations

MLA Style (8th ed.) Citations

Narrowing Your Topic

News Evaluation

Peer Review



Preparing for a Presentation

Primary and Secondary Research

Primary Sources

The Purpose and Value of Evidence

Refining Search Results

Searching for Images

The Searching Mindset

Secondary Sources

Synthesizing Information

Tertiary Sources

Thesis Statements

Transitioning to Databases

Turabian Citations

Types of Bias

Types of Sources

Understanding the Communication Need

Using Quantitative Data

What is Authority?

Why Does Visual Literacy Matter?

Why Teamwork Matters

Why Thinking Matters

Written Communication

Writing Help


Credo View Content Package: Infographics

Why Thinking Matters


Introduction to Logical Reasoning

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