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The Teaching Guides include recommended multimedia for teaching topics related to your course syllabus, as well as topics for discussion and activities (for class or additional assignments), and many have relevant websites or readings.

The Guides on this page correlate to the content available in the Credo View product. If you are an InfoLit – Core (formerly known as Instruct) customer, see here.

Click the links below to download each Teaching Guide in PDF form, or click here to download all.

1. Research Mechanics and Writing Fundamentals
2. Why Information Literacy Matters
3. Developing Ideas and Research Questions
4. Evaluating Sources (Overview)
5. Evaluating Sources (Focus on Web New Sources)
6. Synthesizing Information and Developing Arguments
7. Logical Reasoning and Analysis
8. Choosing Sources
9. Introduction to Searching
10. Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, and Intellectual Property
11. Principles of Citations: MLA
12. Principles of Citations: APA
13. Principles of Citations: Other (Turabian, Harvard, Chicago)

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