What filters are available on Credo Insights reports?


*Note - Course and Learner filters are only relevant for Learning Tools products that support LMS integration via LTI (InfoLit, formerly known as Instruct). Other products such as View or SKILL, will have Term filters available on usage reports. 


The following are options for filters that you will see in Credo Insights reports.

These filters are available on all reports:


Terms are configured in Studio by Credo Customer Success during on-boarding. These include start and end dates for Semesters, based on institutional academic calendar. This allows you to view student performance or usage for a specific semester and to compare performance or usage across multiple semesters.

Notes about Term Filters:

Term filters were established in February 2018. Before Feb. 2018, all data will be shown under a year filter (2017 or 2016 for some customers). 


Course information is captured from your LMS integration (automatic) or the Quiz Form (student provides). This allows you to filter student performance or usage by a specific class and compare classes to each other.

Notes about Course Filters:

A course may appear multiple times if a library uses the multimedia with an LMS integration and also uses non-LTI links for access (for example, from LibGuides), with an option to select Courses in the Quiz Form. In this situation, the courses will appear next to each other as options in the filter. For more information about how this configuration works, please see How is Data in Credo Insights Collected?

Filters for LMS-integrated Courses were established in March 2018. Before March 2018, the data from courses in your LMS will be displayed under the INFOLIT course in Credo Insights. This affects both assessment and usage reports. 


The Learner filter includes both Student Name and Email, and is captured from your LTI integration (automatic) or the Quiz Form in cases of non-LTI access (the student provides this information). This allows you to view a specific student’s performance on assessments and compare them to other students, if desired.

Note: A student may appear multiple times if he or she accesses the multimedia from an LTI integration or from a non-LTI link (a direct link or embedded multimedia). At this time, we are unable to merge these two different data sources (LMS and Quiz Form) into a single student user. For more information about how this configuration works, please see How is Data in Credo Insights Collected?


You may see other filters appear on your Credo Insights reports if you have customized your Quiz Form to collect specific data from students (major, instructor, etc.)

These filters are available on specific reports:

Assessment filters:

In the assessment report, you can filter to view a specific assessment, or a question(s). You can also use the “View by” toggles to view the entire assessment score, scores for each question, or percentages of answer choices for each question.  

Engagement filters:

In the engagement report, you can also filter to view engagement by piece of Content within Learning Tools, in addition to usage for the entire product. 

See this page for more information about How to use Credo Insights.

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