July 2021 Update: InfoLit – Core Content


Our next update is coming up, and here are the changes you will see.

  • In the Getting Started with Research section, we will update the questions in the Research Strategies Quiz so that they align with current content in that section.

  • In the Presenting Research and Data section, we will add a Presentation Skills tutorial/video. This will replace the Preparing for a Presentation video, which will be retired (marked “retired” and hidden from users). The new content focuses on presentation skills for both virtual and in-person settings and includes tutorial, video, and checkpoint components.

  • In the Culture and Citizenship section, you will see three new items:

    Introduction to Digital Citizenship
    Digital Citizenship in Practice
    Digital Citizenship Quiz

    These companion items present all new content on the timely topic of digital citizenship, including guidelines for developing a code of conduct around online behavior, accessing and evaluating information, and creating and sharing information and ideas online. They will include tutorial, video, assessment, and activity components.

  • In the Citations and Academic Integrity section, we are adding new material to cover the new version of MLA style.

    MLA 9th edition video
    MLA 9th edition tutorial
    MLA Quiz

    Here we will offer an all new video, an updated tutorial with practice exercises, and an updated quiz. We will NOT automatically retire the current material you have access to on MLA 8th edition, because we know institutions sometimes continue to use previous editions of citation styles during a transition period. If you like, you can hide or remove the MLA 8th edition materials yourself, or just transition to using these new MLA 9th edition materials.

    New content on copyright and intellectual property will replace our existing Copyright video, which will be hidden from users and marked "retired." The new Copyright tutorial will contain a new video with added text and checkpoints, fully updated to accurately reflect current copyright law and with additional information about Creative Commons. This will replace the existing Copyright video, which will be hidden from users and marked “retired.”
  • The Evaluating Information Section will feature minor updates to the Evaluating Information quiz, made to update the currency of the examples. The existing quiz will be retired.

We will roll all of this material out for you to preview during the weeks of June 7th and June 14th. Beginning then, admin users of Credo InfoLit – Core will be able to view the new items in Studio at the bottom of the course in a section titled "InfoLit Summer 2021 Content Update."

You will have until July 9th to review the material and opt out if you would like not to receive this update, or to let us know that you would like to have the new material integrated into your course early. Otherwise, we will integrate the new material into your course during the weeks of July 12th and July 19th. All materials that are being retired will be marked “retired” and hidden from users unless you inform us that you would like to leave them unhidden. You can also authorize us to delete them entirely if you do not plan to use them going forward.

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