This article will explain how student information is gathered for grade reporting and how to access assessment data. Please note that this is only applicable if your SKILL subscription includes assessment content, i.e. the pre-test, post-test, and quizzes. If you're not sure if your account has this content, please contact Credo support (

How do students take assessments?

When you link to a test or quiz, students will first see a brief form prompting them to enter their name, email address, and instructor's name, as well as any custom fields you desire to set up. This form gathers information for the grade reports, so that you can identify individual students' scores when you download the data.

Once students submit this form, they can complete the assessment, making sure to click the "submit" button on each question to submit their answer. After each submission, a message will appear to show that the student's answer was correct or incorrect. Once they have submitted their answers, a total score is calculated and stored in Credo's records. 

How do I download assessment data?

To download your grade reports, log in to your admin dashboard and go to the Instructor tab. Click the Data Download option, and on the Data Download page, click "Generate Grade Report." This will generate a CSV file of all of your student assessment data. This report can then be filtered by assessment, by instructor name, or by any of the other fields configured on your grade report.

If you would like to see a breakdown of which questions students answered correctly and incorrectly, you can use the "Generate Problem Grade Report" button to generate a report of this information.

Student assessment data can now be obtained using Insights, our new reporting platform, which was released for SKILL customers in October 2018. For information about how to obtain assessment reports on Insights, see Credo Insights: Grade Reports.

Having trouble reading your grade report?

Check out Reading the Grade Report and Reading the Problem Grade Report for more information, or just ask Credo support ( if you need assistance.


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