LibGuides Integration Options


Please note: The information provided here is intended only to assist with some of the common ways our products can be integrated in this system. Our Help Site is not a comprehensive guide to use of LibGuides, and our team can only assist with Credo integration; we are unable to provide support for any other aspect of LibGuides's functionality. Screenshots are provided for illustrative purposes.


If your institution subscribes to LibGuides, you can embed and link to Credo content directly from your guides. 

On your admin dashboard, we provide a list of Deep Links (also called Direct Links) and a list of Embed Codes. The Deep Links can be used to create a hyperlink from your LibGuide to the content on Credo's platform. The Embed Codes can be used to embed the content in a box on your LibGuide, so that students can view the content without navigating away from the page.

You can lay out the LibGuide however you'd like, and use any combination of the links and embed codes. If you'd like to provide a link to all the content for students and instructors to browse, you can use the whole course link provided on your Admin Dashboard. If you'd like to use links and embed codes in many different places on your guides, consider using the LibGuides mapping function to map the content onto multiple subject and course guides.


When integrating in LibGuides, you can use IP authentication for on-campus access and proxy authentication for off-campus access. If you have a proxy server, Credo will normally provide Deep Links and Embed Codes with the proxy prefix included in the URLs, so that you do not have to add it yourself each time. Please make sure to let us know if your proxy prefix changes, so that we can update the URLs accordingly.

If your links or embed codes aren't authenticating properly, check out our Authentication Troubleshooting page for some tips, or contact for assistance. 



Not sure how to add links or embed codes to a LibGuide? See Linking to Content from LibGuides and Embedding Content in LibGuides for help.


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