Reading the Problem Grade Report


Summary: The Problem Grade Report shows the student name (if available), and any custom information you gather. The columns will show what percentage the student has achieved overall for everything, then it will show the student's earned point score for each question in each assessment, staring with the benchmark assessment questions, then moving onto the quiz questions. Finally, it will show the points possible for each question.

Step 1: Locate the row that you will be evaluating and identify the student name (if available). If the student name is not available, there will be an anonymized alphanumeric string instead.

Step 2: You will find the total course grade (the aggregate percentage for everything that student has taken) first under the column heading "Grade."

Step 3: The next column will show points earned on questions from the benchmark assessments (like a pre-test or post-test). If the student has not answered the question yet, it will say "Not Attempted." The question text is in the column header.

Step 4: The next column will show the number of points possible for that same question. Typically this is 1 point, but it occasionally can be more.

Step 5: After the benchmark assessment questions, it will follow the same format (points earned/points possible) for quizzes. The column header will give the quiz number and title, and the question number.

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