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Some of the Assessments in your Credo content are powered by Assessment Libraries - mainly the InfoLit  – Core Pre and Post Tests, as well as Quizzes in the InfoLit – Health Science content collection. 

An Assessment Library allows you to utilize additional functionality such as drawing a set number of questions from a larger pool, or randomizing the order of questions in an assessment. You can edit, add, hide/delete, and customize the questions and settings within your library. 

Please watch this Assessment Libraries training video which covers all of the items mentioned below.

This article will help you understand how to access and manage the questions within your Assessment Library. 


Accessing your Assessment Library

Step 1:

While logged in to the Credo platform - go to You will see a list of your Credo content collections under the Courses Tab.


Step 2:

Click on the Libraries tab - and there you will see the Libraries that are part of your course. From here you can click the link to the Library, and make edits to the questions within them. 



Updating your Course after changes to a Library

If you make any changes to an Assessment Library - such as editing, adding, or hiding questions, you need to update your course to reflect the changes. Changes will not be visible to students until you Update the page that houses the Assessment Library. 

Once you have completed edits to your Assessment Library - go to and click on the link to your course outline. From the course outline, navigate to the Unit/Page that houses your Assessment Library. 


On that page, you will see a notice that says "This component is out of date. The Library has new content" and a link that says "Update now". Click this link and it will apply changes from your Assessment Library to your Course. 



Editing questions within your Assessment Library

You can make changes to a question within your library, changing the text of the question, answer choices, feedback, and even the settings - which include the title, number of attempts, and more. 

Step 1:

Click on the Edit button for the question you wish to change. 


Step 2:

To make changes to the text of the question, answer choices, and feedback - edit the template that appears in the pop-up window. 


Step 3:

If you wish to change the title of the question, or other settings - click on the Settings Tab in the top right. Don't forget to update the changes in your library to your course (see instructions above for Updating your Course after changes to a Library). 



Adding a question

Step 1: 

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen of your Assessment Library. If your library is multiple pages, you may need to go to the last page. There you will see a space to "Add New Component". Click on the large square button for "Problem". 


Step 2: 

A list of problem types will appear. We typically use Common Problem Types, and stick to Multiple Choice and Checkboxes with Hints and Feedback. Select the problem type you wish to use. 



Step 3: 

A new problem will appear at the bottom of your library. It will be blank, displaying a template - so you will need to click the Edit button to make changes. 

When you are done editing, don't forget to Update your Course after changes to a Library



Copying a question to a new location

If you wish to copy a question from your library to a different Library, or to a place in your Course content Outline, use the following steps.  


Step 1: 

Locate the question you wish to copy and click the Copy button from the list of icons on the top right of the question. 


Copying to another Library

To copy to another library, click on the radio button for Library, then select the destination library from the dropdown list. Then click Copy. Your question will appear at the bottom of the destination library. 

When you are done editing, don't forget to Update your Course after changes to a Library



Copying to a location in your Course Outline

In the pop-up window - select the radio button for Course, and select the destination Course you want to copy your question to. You will need to click through the Course outline, down to the page where you want the question to appear. Click the Copy button. Your question will now appear at the bottom of the page you have chosen. Please note - you will need to go to that page and publish it to make the question visible to users. 





Hiding/Deleting a question

If you do not want students to see a question in your Assessment Library - there are 2 methods for preventing them from seeing it. 

Option 1: Delete the question

In your Assessment Library, there are options for deleting a question in the row of icons at the top right of the question. Clicking this button will delete the question from your library, and students will not see it in the assessment. However, it will also delete all of the assessment data associated with that question from your Insights reports. Therefore, we only recommend this option if you are certain that no students have taken the question, or that you do not need the historical data associated with that question. 

Option 2: Hide the question

This option allows you to prevent students from seeing the question in the assessment, but also retain any historical data associated with that question. To hide a question, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: 

Locate the Question you wish to hide and click on the Edit button. In the window that opens - click on the Settings Tab. You will see an option for "Hidden" and a dropdown menu that should default to "False". Hidden - False means that students are able to see this question in the assessment. 



Step 2: 

Change the Hidden setting to "True"  - Hidden - True means that students will not be able to see the question in an assessment. 

Change the Problem Weight to Zero  -  do not leave or set to blank as this by default means 1 

Click the Save button. 



When you are done editing, don't forget to Update your Course after changes to a Library). If you do not update your course to sync to the Library - you may notice a new Access Settings icon appear on the question (shaped as a gear). Clicking on this icon will display a message that states "Students will not be able to access this component". When you update your course to sync with the library, this message will disappear. 





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