Understanding and Changing Grading Settings



Credo's materials are set by default to the following grading settings: 

  • Videos - ungraded
  • Tutorials - ungraded
  • Quizzes - graded, Quiz setting
  • Pre and Post Test - graded, Benchmark Setting

The grade settings impact whether or not a grade will be passed back to your LMS when using an LTI integration. 

  • If setup correctly in your LMS,  graded materials will sync the student's scores to your LMS gradebook. 
  • Ungraded materials (Videos and Tutorials), will not pass back scores to your LMS regardless of your LMS settings.  

If you wish to change a tutorial to a graded object, you can make the change using the Studio editing platform.  Please be aware: 

  • Changing an ungraded content item to graded will impact all uses of that content item. 
  • To pass a grade back via LTI there needs to be something to score - most tutorials have checkpoint questions that can be graded, however, some tutorials also include open response questions which cannot be scored so full marks may not be achieved.  Content such as single videos should not be set to graded as there is nothing to score.

To change an ungraded item (i.e. Tutorial) to be graded, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into Credo's platform with your admin credentials. In a separate tab, go to https://studio.credocourseware.com. This will bring you to the course outline inside the Studio editing platform. 

Step 2: Locate the item you wish to change in the course outline, and click on the blue Gear-shaped icon for "Configurations". 


Step 3: This will open a window where you can see the settings for the entire object. Click on the dropdown for Grading. It will be set to "Ungraded" - change this to "Quiz", then click Save. 


Step 4: The item is now a graded object. You do not need to republish the item for the changes to take effect. If you want to test the item - view it live in the platform. After you answer a question - the "Get Scores" module will appear above the tutorial. This lets you know that the item is graded. 

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