WAM Proxy Set Up


Proxies allow remote users to access protected online content. If your institution has a proxy server, proxied links to your content are available on your Instructor Dashboard. 

The proxy needs to be configured by your institution in order for your proxy to allow a connection to Credo's platform. When the proxy configuration file is updated, you will need to stop and restart the proxy service for the change to take effect. 

We also need to have the IP address of your proxy server associated with your account on our end for proxy access to work correctly. Please send that IP address to support@credoreference.com and make sure to notify us if it ever changes. 

SSL Certificates

Credo Learning Tools products are on a secure server, sent via https, and as such will need an SSL Certificate on the proxy server.

WAM Proxy Configuration

You will need to update your WAM redirect table with whatever Credo URLs you will run into. We recommend you add *.credocourseware.com as a wildcard, to cover any possible subdomain. If you require explicit subdomains, please use one of the following. Different Credo products have different URLs for access, so please make sure to choose the option for the product that your institution uses. If you are not sure which is appropriate for your institution, please contact support@credoreference.com and we are happy to assist.

Credo  InfoLit (formerly Instruct)

Many customers have links that use a generic subdomain, frame.credocourseware.com. If the links listed in the Link Constructor on your admin dashboard use this domain, please use this in your WAM table:


Customers who subscribed between October 2018 and November 2019  may have links that use a domain specific to their institution;, using the format https://[yourschool].credocourseware.com. If the links provided to you by Credo use such a domain, make sure to add this domain to your WAM table:



Credo View

Customers subscribing to View should use the following domain:


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