Assessment Libraries - New Functionality


Beginning in mid-December 2019, we are introducing some improvements to the Assessment Libraries that power the Pre and Post Tests and some Quizzes. These improvements will give you more power to edit questions, add new questions, and hide questions that you don’t wish to use. 

To do this, we have created a custom Assessment Library for the Pre/Post Test (or Quizzes) for your institution - moving forward, this is where you can make customizations to your Pre and Post Tests.


What about the Pre/Post test that I am currently using? 

The New Pre/PostTest Assessment Libraries will replace the current Pre/Post test that you are using. Do not worry - Credo’s team will handle the migration for you! We will begin Dec 1, 2019, and anticipate finishing before Jan 10, 2020. 

Timeline and Process:

  • Today - if you visit and click on the Libraries Tab - you will see the new Libraries that you will use in the future. These are currently empty, until we begin the migration process in December 2019. 
  • Starting December 9th, 2019, we will migrate the customizations you have made to your Pre/Post Tests/Quizzes that use Assessment Libraries to your new libraries. 
    • Note - you will not lose any customizations you have made to the Pre/Post test. After the migration process - you will see them in your new Library, and will be able to continue making edits to them. 
  • In your content outline - we will create a new Pre/Post Test directly below the one you currently use. This new Pre/Post Test will sync with your new library. 
    • We will mark your current Pre/Post Test library as “retired” - and hide it from learners. We will also move it below the newly created Pre/Post Test that syncs to your Library. 
    • Note - We use “hide from learners” rather than deleting the retired Pre/Post Test so that you do not lose any historical student data. The data from the retired Pre/Post tests will still appear in Credo Insights, but they will no longer be visible to students in the course outline. 
    • Note - the link to your Pre/Post test will not change. You do not need to update links in your LMS or on your LibGuides. 
  • Lastly, we will remove the “Edit” button from your Pre and Post Tests. 
    • Previously - you may have customized your Pre and Post test by navigating to it through your course outline - clicking View, then editing questions (see below for screenshots). 
    • Moving forward, you will need to go to and click on the Pre/Post Test from the Libraries Tab to make customizations. For more information about accessing your new Pre/Post Test Libraries - see our Assessment Libraries Documentation.
  • Note for customers who purchased the Critical Thinking Content add-on before July 2019
    • Beginning October 23, 2019, we will migrate your CT quizzes (currently using libraries) to a new Quiz that can be edited in the content outline (similarly to other quizzes from the InfoLit collection). Your old CT quizzes will be marked as "Retired" and will be "Hidden from learners" - but will not be deleted. In the future - you can make customizations to this quiz directly in the content outline - just as you will for other quizzes. 





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