December 2017 - Platform Update


Student-facing (LMS): This update only affects students who use the whole course link. Students accessing via individual deep links or LTI will not be affected. Previously, there was a left-hand navigation and content on the right. The navigation and content are separated now and both are full-screen.

When students click on Start Here, they will see a whole course outline. They need to click on an item title to go into it. 

image of course outline page

When students are on the content page, they can use the breadcrumb navigation to return to the course outline navigation.

image of course content with breadcrumb navigation highlighted


Instructor-facing (Studio Editing): This update introduces a new feature where you can move a text box or question component from one page to another.

In the Studio editing view, click on the new Move icon on the component that you want to move.

image of text component with the move icon highlighted

 Then select the page that you want to move the item to from the drill-down menu.



When the move is successful, the component will disappear from the original page and you will see a success message. You have the option to Undo the move or View the component in its new location.


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