Fall 2018 - Link Constructor


In Fall 2018, we released a new generator for obtaining links and embed codes, the Link Constructor. The Link Constructor is located on the Instructor Tab of your admin dashboard, and became available for use for all customers on September 28th, 2018.

The Link Constructor has been developed to replace the Deep Links, Embed Codes, and LTI Links tabs on your admin dashboard, where your links and embeds are currently posted for you. We are making the switch because those tabs are manually updated, requiring the support team to update the links by hand whenever there is a change. With the release of the Link Constructor, all links and embeds will be auto-generated, making it easy for you to add your proxy when needed and making it easy for us to ensure that you always have the up-to-date and correct links for your account. 

See this page for screenshots and instructions on how to use the Link Constructor

The existing Deep Links, Embed Codes, and LTI Links tabs will be removed from admin accounts according to the following schedules. We encourage you to take some time to locate the Link Constructor on your admin dashboard and familiarize yourself with it before the existing lists of links are removed. If you have any questions or concerns please let our support team know by contacting support@credoreference.com.

For Instruct (InfoLit Modules) customers, the Deep Links, Embed Codes, and LTI Links tabs will be removed from your admin dashboard as part of the Winter 2018 content update. Account admins will be notified of the exact date at which the content update will be available for preview and the date that the opt-out period will end. The existing lists of links will remain available during the opt-out period and will be taken down after the opt-out deadline. This will take place at the end of December-early January, between the traditional fall and spring semesters.

For View customers, the Link Constructor was added to your admin account on September 28th 2018. The existing Deep Links and Embed Codes tabs on your admin dashboard will be taken down during our Winter 2018 content update. View customers should note that their account does not include LTI links as an integration option, so this option will not appear on the Link Constructor for their accounts. 

For K-12 customers, the Deep Links and Embed codes will be taken down after the opt-out deadline during the scheduled Fall 2018 content update. See this page for more details.



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