Accessing Student Answers to Open Response Questions


Open Response Assessments (ORAs) are sometimes used in InfoLit (formerly Instruct) tutorials, as an ungraded practice checkpoint to allow students to reflect on their learning. 

For these questions, students can type a few sentences or paragraphs and submit them. No manual grading is required for these problems - students automatically get credit for the ungraded question by submitting an answer. 

To see the responses that students enter into ORA questions - Librarians/Administrators can use Insights to retrieve that information. 

Step 1: Log into the Credo platform, then click on the Instructor Tab. Click on the tab for Credo Insights, and follow the link to the Insights platform. Select the Assessment Report.



Step 2: In the left-side filter, you will see a box that says “Include Ungraded”. Check this box and you will see ungraded tutorials in addition to the graded quizzes. 

Step 3: Using the Courses filter on the left side - select the class which you wish to view. This will allow you to see every assessment taken by the class. 

Step 4: Using the Assessment filter on the left side - select the tutorial you wish to view. 

Step 5: Change the Dropdown options for “View by” from Assessment to “Answer”. The “Compare by” option will automatically change to “Learner” (as student answer choices are by default tied to the individual student). The bar chart will disappear, but scroll down and you will see the table where student responses can be downloaded. 

Note - there may be too much data to visualize or display, in which case you can download the CSV file to get the student responses. 


For instructors who do not have administrator access to Credo’s platform:

You can access the Insights platform if you are using Credo as an LTI tool provider. There is an initial setup step required (see the link below), but after that, the librarian will be able to give you a link to place in your online class. Clicking this link will authenticate you to the Insights platform, where you can only see your class’s assessment data. From there you will use the steps detailed above, starting at Step 2. 

Setup for Instructor access to Insights via LTI


What if my instructors are not using an LTI integration, but still want to see open responses? 

Alternatively, students can email the results of an assessment using the “Get Scores” functionality. This allows them to see their scores following a “graded” assignment, and email them to themselves and their instructors. 

To utilize this functionality - you will need to make the desired items “graded”. Many tutorials that utilize the Open Response question type are set to ungraded by default. See our instructions for Changing Grading Settings.

Please contact if you have any questions!

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