Getting Started with Insights



How to Access Insights

Any person with an admin log in to Credo’s platform will be automatically authenticated to Credo Insights from the Instructor tab inside Credo's platform. There you will find a link to Credo Insights that will automatically authenticate you to the analytics platform.


Can instructors access Credo Insights?

Individuals without admin logins to Credo’s platform will not be able to access Insights directly. Please refer to our Instructor Access to Insights via LTI article to learn about granting faculty members access to Insights via learning management system integration (LTI).


How to Save and Re-Run Reports

Since Credo Insights reports are dynamically generated based on the filters applied, it can be cumbersome to apply the same filters to run the report again. We have developed the option to Save My Report, which saves the filters you have applied so that you can quickly generate the same report again in the future.

On the report that you want to save, click the "Save Report Criteria" button.



Give the report a name and descriptive criteria.


Saved reports appear under “My Reports” in the top drop-down menu navigation.



When you open "My Reports", all saved reports will appear in a list. To return to one of the reports, just click the saved report that you want to open.


Downloading Charts and CSV Reports

You can print or download images of the bar charts displayed in all Credo Insights reports. Click on the upper-right corner of the chart to see file options (PNG, PDF, JPEG, or SVG).



You can also download the table view of any Insights report as a CSV file. Scroll below the bar chart to view the table - the option to download the CSV will appear to the right just above the table.



Insights Assessment Report Videos

See the following videos for a quick guide to using Credo Insights:

Using Assessment Reports  (2:35):
Explains how to generate the most common assessment reports utilizing filtering and view by options, including drill-down from Assessment score to Answer choices, and filtering by courses.

Generating and Comparing Data in Credo Insights (2:30):
Explains how to generate the most common assessment reports utilizing compare by options, including comparing Pre-Test scores across different courses, and comparing individual student scores within a course.

View Student Level Assessment Data (3:19)
A quick guide to viewing assessment data on the student level.


Insights Engagement Report Videos

Insights Engagement Report Basics (2:23):  
A quick guide to utilizing the different components of the Engagement Report.


For more detailed instructions for running reports in Insights, please see our Documentation section and our Frequently Asked Questions.

For additional help, please reach out to our Customer Success team at

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